Friday, January 11, 2013

Tropical Forest Management - Southeast Asian Environmental Practices /

Welcome back to, the most in-depth trailer decking series on the web. Today's blog is about Southeast Asian environmental forestry practices.

On the supply side, in both Malaysia and Indonesia, buyers have found a suitable measure of reliability and responsibility in the areas of tropical forest management and resource-based economic development. Tropical forests in both countries are essentially public lands, managed and protected by their respective Federal and State Governments.

Southeast Asian Tropical Forest

Forest Certification programs have emerged in both Malaysia (through the FSC and the MTCC programs) and Indonesia (through the FSC, SVLK and LEI programs). Certification is very much market driven and is serving as a tool towards promoting legal, reliable and sustainable forest management. Certification is seen as a step toward ensuring the production of a continuous flow of desired forest products and services from the forest reserves. Further, certification is being actively pursued to ensure continued market access of Malaysian and Indonesian timber products, particularly in an increasingly environmentally sensitive market.

The Malaysian and Indonesian government and policy makers decision to promote a more stable currency policy is great news. Additionally, with the impetus of emerging Forest Certification Schemes offering a legal, reliable and sustainable supply situation, we feel confident that a reliable supply of Apitong in the trailer market is ensured.

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