Monday, May 22, 2017

Protecting you Platform Trailer's Deck

Why does outdoor wood turn grey? As cherished as this natural look is, protecting it is necessary to maintain the natural physical properties like durability and strength.

The natural greying process observed when wood weathers is a complex amalgamation of natural chemical, mechanical, biological and light-induced changes which occur over time. The explanation is similar to how our skin is damaged from the sun. If we spend time outdoors without proper protection we get sunburnt and start to wrinkle. 

Similarly, because of the harmful UV rays from the sun, unprotected deck boards turn grey as time passes and start to degrade. This is why it is important to initially take measures to ensure your deck is protected and then to conduct regular on-going maintenance in order to optimize the performance of your deck.

Regular Cleaning of Your Deck

Decking can be pressure washed, but you must be careful not to damage the surface wood fibers by setting the pressure too high. Pressure washing may be necessary between oil treatments in order to remove surface discoloration.

Maximize Protection with Oil Based Deck Stains

Oil based deck stains help preserve the natural color in your deck while also offering superb UV protection. Blocking out harmful UV rays means it will keep your deck beautiful, fresh and looking new longer. These stains are easy to apply and best of all they can be cleaned and recoated as maintenance is needed. This is a huge advantage to having to strip the stain off every time it needs attention and it helps lessen the cost and hassle of deck maintenance.
Oil Based Finish on all sides

Many oil based deck stains also have select mildewcides that inhibit mold, mildew, and fungal growth. Preventing these contaminants from intruding the wood will help eradicate wood rot and costly structural repairs. Unwanted moisture and fungal growth can crack, warp, split, and decay wood in a few short years.


Following a regular maintenance schedule will ensure the wood gets maximum protection and you get years of enjoyment from the investment in your deck.

Making the effort to apply an oil-based weatherizing treatment at the time of initial install as well as regular wood cleaning, maintenance and stain re-applications will enhance the performance of your deck boards and prolong the life of your hardwood deck.

For best results, apply the weatherizing treatment according to the manufacturer’s directions. To maintain the natural color, a high quality penetrating oil finish with UV inhibitors should be used. 


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